When I first heard about this project, I got super excited and wanted to begin working on it right away. I have always been pretty good with computers and technology in general because my dad majored in computer science. The fact that we could choose any subject we wanted was also a plus. I had played around with different blogs like Blogspot and Tumblr before but never really stuck with them long enough to benefit me or anyone else very much. I’ve used software like Photoshop and iMovie before, but I was excited for the chance to do some more experimenting within the programs. I wanted to make more than just pictures with words on top and videos of movie clips strung together. I wanted to make montages like the ones I loved to watch for hours on end on YouTube every night. I certainly knew enough about technology to do all of the things I had always wanted to do with it, but I was always too lazy too actually start anything or if I actually got started, to finish it.

Despite being pretty good with technology, the moment I started to build my website I knew it was going to be a long road ahead. Since I take pride in perfecting every last piece of a project so that I can be truly proud of it, I knew I would be working for hours trying to figure out every nook and cranny of WordPress. Once I got it figured out, I still spent many hours just figuring out the perfect order of my pages and what colors I should use. After finally figuring out how everything worked, I was ready to go.

Since gymnastics news is almost 100% online, I knew it wouldn’t be hard to find information about my topic. Technology is what makes gymnastics popular. Without bloggers and photographers uploading everything from new stories to pictures to videos on everything going on in gymnastics, I would not know as much as I know today about the sport. Although there aren’t many “scholarly articles” on the subject, there are plenty of knowledgeable people writing about it all over the world today. Searching for the perfect story or article to use in my research for this project was definitely beneficial for my experience as I read others people’s writing.

In my pursuit to be a journalist, I know it is just as important to read other journalists writing as it is to practice writing on your own. Doing this project on the subject that I hope to go into once I graduate was definitely helpful to me in gaining experience.

This project has been a lot more beneficial and fun than any other English projects that I have done in the past. While working on my website, I found myself getting lost in my work and looking at the time and it already being 11 o’clock at night. It was a great experience learning how to use websites and other tools I had never used or hadn’t used very much in the past. Doing this project made me want to continue the idea of “Gymnastics Controversies” as an actual blog after the class is over. There are many gymnastics blogs out there like the one I’ve created, and I feel like this project has given me the experience and tools needed to be successful along with them.


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