Bib This video was produced by ESPN in the series Sports Science on the topic of gymnastics. it discusses how gymnastics just may be the toughest sport out there and why. This article discusses the idea of a Junior World Championships that would give younger gymnasts the experience they need before trying to make the Olympic team. This article discusses Bruno Grandi’s views on the age limit. This article talks about the age falsification problems that have been happening in China over the past decade. Great analysis of the current code of points that compares artistry and difficulty. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the age limit. It also goes into the history of the age limit and what it was like before the age limit was enforced. This is a great article that goes into detail about what would happen today if there wasn’t an age limit and juniors could compete alongside the senior gymnasts in the US. This basically explains the whole “open-ended” scoring system back to front.

A lot of the information procured on this site came from former knowledge or through reading tweets, blogs, etc. in passing.


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