What’s on the site?

On GymnasticsControversies.com, you’ll find all things gymnastics related. What can you find on the site?

The About.me page gives you a little more information about me, Elizabeth Grimsley, and can take you to my about.me page.

The Age Limit page features an essay about the age limit enforced in elite gymnastics today. Should there be an age limit? Should the age limit be higher? Lower?

The Code of Points page features an essay on the debate between the open-ended code of points and the perfect 10.0 system.

The Injuries page features an essay about the stress that gymnastics can cause on one’s body. Do injuries result from trying to train at the highest level or do they come with the territory of being a gymnast?

The Ask an Expert! page features an interview with Blythe Lawrence from the Gymnastics Examiner. Find out her views on some of the larger gymnastics controversies out there.

The Research Blog page gives you a link to the tumblr blog where I gathered all of my information for this website. On this blog you’ll find everything from gymnastics news to videos about the history of gymnastics to articles and opinions on gymnastics controversies.

The Reflection page is a reflection on technology where I talked about my experiences with technology throughout the project.

The Prezi page gives you a link to my Prezi presentation I made for the class. It is all about the new code of points and the “extinction of the perfect 10”.

The Bib page is the source for all of the sources used in the three essays featured on the website.

Important links having to do with the site such as my About.meLinkedIn, PreziResearch Blog, StorifyTwitter, and YouTube channel can be found on the right side of the page.

Tweets from @GymControversy can be found on the right side of the Home page just under the links. This Twitter was created for this project and it is already being followed by nationally and internationally known gymnasts, bloggers, and news sources.

All still images on the site including those in the logo, icon, and Gymnastics Injuries Interview video are original work. All logos and icons on the site are original work. All video footage in the Gymnastics Injuries Interview is original work.